At the end of April this year, I reluctantly decided to cancel my Tesla 3 reservation. I’m still enthusiastic about the Tesla, but there has been a change in circumstances where it made more sense to buy a different car. Canceling shouldn’t be a big deal I thought, but two and a half months later, I’m still waiting for the refund of my deposit.

Apparently, I’m not alone after doing some research in Tesla’s forums, but people were talking about weeks and not months until they got their refund. So at the beginning of this week, I decided to contact them by email about it, and of course, I didn’t hear back yet.

Tesla really needs to improve here. I’m sure once more details about the car are revealed (and also the final price is out in other currencies), there will be a few more cancellations. If they don’t speed up the refund process and customer service, they are in for quite a few complaints from possible future owners.


Update 1 (14/07/2017): a week after and Tesla also not responding on Twitter, I called their customer support. They couldn’t help but gave me an email address to contact: – not holding my breath to get a reply after the experience so far.


Update 2 (14/08/2017): still no refund another month and countless phone calls after (forget emailing to the address mentioned earlier). Every single promise made by Tesla’s customer support to get in touch by email or call me back has been broken. A week ago they took my bank details but I have yet to see any money close to 4 months after cancelling the reservation.


Update 3 (15/08/2017): Another day of calling Tesla. First call at 9:30am in the morning to hear a recorded message about their office hours being from 9am-6pm. That’s fail number one for today. Called the US hotline right after who asked me where I’m calling from. Me: “New Zealand”, Tesla: “Where?”, Me: “New Zealand”, Tesla: “Where?”, Me: “it’s a country next to Australia”. Sigh…

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