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TL;DR: Both .KIWI and .NZ domains are in regular use by small businesses as well as big organisations.

The New Zealand market is in a unique position with .NZ (a shorter version to .CO.NZ etc.) and .KIWI as new options for website owners. If you keep an eye out, these new domain extensions can be found everywhere in daily life two years after they launched.

Where I found .NZ and .KIWI domains:

  • A small bakery in Wellington asked for customer service feedback using a .KIWI domain on a sign behind the counter.
  • While driving on the motorway I saw a plumber advertising companyname.NZ on his van.
  • Kiwibank currently runs a campaign “Mind Over Money” on https://mindovermoney.KIWI which I saw when withdrawing money recently (see photo above). I also heard the domain advertised on the radio.
  • A small accounting firm where I live advertises the company with a sign at the local train station using .KIWI (see photo below).
  • Walking around Wellington I’ve seen .NZ domains on several occasions.

Sign with .KIWI domain

I haven’t looked at exact registration numbers recently but it certainly feels like both domain extensions are in regular use now and happily coexist. It’s great to see the internet naming system evolve and being adopted by people!

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