After relaunching my personal site a few weeks ago, supporting independent quality journalism was another piece in the puzzle to supporting the indie web. As I wrote on the iwantmyname blog earlier this year:

If one thing became apparent to me in 2016, it’s that we should strive for a more independent web. An independent web with individual voices outside the big social networks and less reliant on corporations making people the product by collecting data on them. Hence, we are making it our mission at iwantmyname to help you becoming an indie web user in 2017 and beyond.

There have been several events triggering my desire of helping you to achieve that:

  1. The current political climate with the rise of right-wing populists globally.
  2. How fake news on social networks like Facebook or Twitter can impact popular opinion.
  3. An increasingly more unpleasant climate in social media with people abusing each other.

I’m happy there is now a service in New Zealand that allows you to support independent journalists and smaller news outlets. Found via Richard MacManus:

Bill Bennett explains:

PressPatron is a way for readers like you to support the media you use. It is voluntary and painless. You get to set the amount you contribute. You can make a one-off payment or commit to a series of payments over time.

Most of all, PressPatron is not a pay wall. The stories on this site will stay free. You don’t have to pay a cent. The idea is that you’re supporting a website, not buying anything.

Of course similar things have been tried before, but I think what’s different this time is that more and more people see the value in good journalism.

It took me less than five minutes to start paying for recently launched Newsroom, and I hope others will follow in implementing PressPatron. Their website is already listing a small number of other publishers you can start supporting.

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