As I wrote recently about recently launched domain alternatives in New Zealand, end user adoption is the most important metric if we want new top-level domains to succeed. Over the last few weeks I came across many other great websites using new gTLDs–mostly on Twitter, but also in videos on Youtube, at the movies, and even when withdrawing money at a local ATM:

  • Scientists are using the .ONE domain to document their findings on the newly discovered solar system with Earth-like planets.
  • Life-hack guru Tim Ferris recently switched his personal site to the new .BLOG TLD. Such a short and memorable domain!
  • A currently popular app for group live chats cleverly markets their app on the .PARTY domain extension.
  • Internet giant Amazon launched a new product for online communication with their own .AWS brand top-level domain.
  • Google’s parent company Alphabet makes use of the .XYZ suffix for their corporate website.
  • The engineering team of communication platform Slack writes about their work on this .ENGINEERING website.
  • this “social network for data people” came to my attention after receiving $19 million in funding. A short and catchy .WORLD domain indeed.
  • Brought to you by GitHub is this guide on Open Source software and how to start and contribute to projects. I couldn’t imagine a better TLD than .GUIDE for this!
  • The National Public Radio’s design team makes good use of sharing their stories on this .DESIGN site.
  • Seen during a presentation of Nintendo’s new Switch console. Publishers are embracing .GAME as a new domain alternative for video games.
  • Local New Zealand bank Kiwibank started this campaign on .KIWI recently which I saw on an ATM where I live (see photo above). I also heard about it on the radio.
  • A trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie ended with advertising its .MOVIE-based marketing site. Not that I am particularly interested in this one, but it was shown before Logan which can be found on — you guessed it — Logan.MOVIE!
  • “A video training course to cure you of any fear of the terminal. For designers, new developers, UX, UI, product owners, and anyone who’s been asked to “just open the terminal”.” — just perfect on a .TRAINING domain.

Source: New Generic Top-Level Domains: Three Years Later

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