Zero Accounting Search Results

This morning I came across an article on DomainNameWire where Andrew Allemann wrote about an ad from Xero he heard on a podcast:

The problem is that it literally fails the radio test. As a result, about a quarter of the commercial was spent explaining how to spell it.

“That’s Zero… X-E-R-O”.

So it’s not really that good of a domain name. If you tell someone to visit and don’t tell them how to spell it, they’ll end up at

I haven’t heard the ad but it seems like Xero is mentioning their full domain name. Now the company is almost a household name in New Zealand so I’m not sure it would be much of an issue here. But I can see how it might be difficult for people hearing about them for the first time, and what Xero probably should do for “radio” ads is just use their name without the .COM part.

Even if people understand it as “zero” it should be easy enough to find them online. For example, a quick search using the keywords “zero accounting software” (see photo above) shows Xero holding the top positions for paid and organic results. As you can see, Google also autocorrects the search to “xero accounting software”.

So should Xero own as domain name? After all, for a company their size it should be possible to acquire the domain if the current owner is willing to sell. I tend to say it’s a “maybe” due to the fact Xero is still easy to find online and their strong branding.

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